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Demos and Examples

Take a sneak peakBelow are some examples of the work MindCross has produced. Read the abstracts below for a brief description, then click on the thumbnail to view the demo or work example.

Educator Training
Wellspring Center for Prevention, in partnership with MindCross, is offering Awareness Training for Educators in NJ. Over 3000 educators participate in this training program. Take a peek at the course "Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation".
  Customer support demo
This demo shows an example of e2Value's web-based insurance valuation tool. The eLearning program was created using Adobe Flash and includes audio with text.
Customer support demo
Our Insurance Basics course was created for the WeTrainAdjusters division.
  Customer support demo
This online module shows an exampe section of a course created for one of our nonprofit clients, WV Nonprofit Association.