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Customer Stories

Ashva Yoga

Ashva Yoga

Danny Chapparo

Ashva Yoga needed a website that helped showcase our market niche. Specializing in equestrian yoga, we wanted something that conveyed the spirit of our practice. And, since we were just getting the practice up and running, we needed the site to be done quickly and cost effectively.

MindCross was able to implement a Joomla based website that completely met our requirements and by far exceeded our expectations. The site's combination of soft colors, engaging graphics and easy navigation has generated a lot of positive feedback from our students. Working with MindCross during the development stage was easy and painless. Their post-release technical support has been excellent as well. We highly recommend MindCross to any business.

About Ashva Yoga

Ashva Yoga specializes in equestrian yoga. Started in 2010, the practice focuses on the human mind, body, and spirit, along with its interrelationship with our equine partner, the horse. We learn to transfer our inner balance into the saddle and create a deeper level of understanding and trust.