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Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Course Description: Drugs and alcohol have been around for a long time; in fact, they are probably older than the cultures that discovered them. From very early times, alcohol played an important role in religion and worship, and any different plants were known to ancient healers for their medicinal properties. However, just because we are better educated today, we shouldn't assume that we have all the answers about these substances. This course is designed to raise your awareness about how and why young people use alcohol and drugs so that you will be better prepared to discuss and manage these two topics if and when they become issues.

Course Topics:
  • Define what drugs are.
  • Explain several reasons why young people use drugs.
  • Organize drugs into different categories.
  • Identify specific drugs for each drug category.
  • Provide the street names of popular club drugs.
  • Explain how children and teens obtain alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Explain how children and teens obtain prescription drugs.

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