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Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention

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Course Description
Each year, thousands of youth in the United States fall victim to suicide. As a country, we are needlessly losing precious lives each and every day. This course will familiarize you with the topic of youth suicide. It will set the stage so you will acquire a better appreciation of the forces that impact the lives of young people and will become more familiar with recognizing responding to children and teens in need because suicide is preventable!

One of the most important aspects of preventing suicide in youth is recognizing the risk factors and warning signs of suicide, particularly depression. This course provides the information needed to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with suicide and depression, to know what you can do to help, and to understand what your obligations are as an educator.

Course Topics

  • Discuss the prevalence of suicide among our youth today.
  • Recognize the warning signs of youth who are at risk of suicide.
  • Identify risk and protective factors for youth at risk of suicide.
  • Describe the terminology surrounding suicide.
  • Explain depression and how it effects teens.
  • Communicate effectively with youth about depression and suicide.
  • Categorize the different types of suicide and explain why teens might attempt suicide.
  • Recognize possible warning signs.
  • Identify the balance between protective factors and risk factors.
  • Know what to do when you suspect a youth is depressed or suicidal.
  • Plan and implement strategies for suicide prevention.
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    Course Length: 2 hours

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