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Alcohol and Drug Abuse

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Course Description
Alcohol and drugs have existed longer than the cultures that discovered them. They have played roles in religion, health and healing, and many other aspects of peoples' lives. However, no matter how educated we become, we still don't have all the answers about these substances and dealing with them.

Whether it's chewing tobacco, bath salts, alcohol, or marijuana, drugs continue to take a toll on today's students. Research shows that students who use drugs don't do as well emotionally, physically, and academically as nonusers. This course is designed to raise your awareness about how and why young people use alcohol and drugs. It will also help you recognize and respond to adolescent substance use and abuse in adolescents if it becomes an issue. it covers policies, procedures, and laws that educational professionals are responsible for following and enforcing.

Course Topics

  • Define and identify various substances and how they are organized.
  • Explain reasons why young people use drugs.
  • Explain how children and teens obtain alcohol and drugs.
  • Identify and recognize the warning signs of substance abuse problems.
  • Explain the responsibilities and requirements of the substance abuse laws, policies and procedures.
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    Course Length: 2 hours

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